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Join BioMakespace - the Biology Lab at Makespace!

Are you interested in getting involved in an interdisciplinary research project, meeting likeminded people, or finding out about engineering with biology?

Come join researchers, scientists, engineers and technologists at Biomakespace, the biology lab at Cambridge Makespace. Located in the historic Laboratory of Molecular Biology near Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, the site has three lab spaces totalling just over 50sqm where it is possible to perform wetlab experiments and a workshop area (coming soon) for rapid prototyping, electronics and dry lab work.

 More info on joining Makespace!

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to three lab spaces following induction and safety training.
  • Free access to equipment following appropriate training.
  • A great social community with a passion for biology and enthusiasm for collaborating on interesting projects.
  • Opportunity to propose projects to run in the space.
  • Project support and development, with excellent links to other networks in Cambridge and potential sources of funding.
  • Free or reduced-cost training courses in biology, engineering, bioinformatics and more
  • Your chance to have an influence on lab development, equipment purchases and community projects
  • Eligibility to stand for organisational positions and serve on key committees

Membership Costs

Membership is £40 per month for access to Makespace, including BioMakespace

If the cost of membership is prohibitive due to your financial situation, please contact

Becoming a Member

There are three initial steps to becoming a member of Biomakespace:

  1. Come and see the Makespace and the BioMakespace at an upcoming tour, bookable via Meetup ('See the Space' tours).
  2. Join as a Makespace member, including paying your first membership subscription.
  3. Sign up for BioMakespace safety training. Booking instructions will be provided during your Makespace induction.

If you are keen to work on an independent project at BioMakespace, be aware that you need to submit a project proposal to our safety committee and that this needs to be approved before you can start work (see 'Starting a project in the space' below.)

What happens after you’ve been accepted as a Makespace member

  • You will need to complete the online BioMakespace safety training and assessment to use the BioMakespace labs.

  • When you’ve completed the introduction to BioMakespace and BioMakespace safety training, you will receive an access card. You can now attend all our events, workshops and training as well as having the opportunity to join an approved project or submit your own.

Starting a project in the space

  1. Speak to other Biomakespace members and the committee to find collaborators, get advice, work out if you can get all the resources you need (at meetings, via chat or email).
  2. Complete a Project Proposal Form and relevant Risk Assessment, COSHH, and GM forms.
  3. Email your project application to
  4. The committee and Safety Team will take a look and get back to you with any changes. We aim to complete this in no more than two weeks, but at busy times or for complex proposals this can take up to a month.
  5. Once the proposal is finalised, you will electronically sign the proposal form and risk assessment.
  6. The project begins! The Safety Team will advise any training that might be required before you begin work and any restrictions e.g. procedures that are not suitable for lone working. The whole committee will help find collaborators if you need help and guidance, they can also help advertise meetups for your project to the Biomakespace members. 


If you have any feedback or concerns about the service you receive from Biomakespace Limited or Makespace Limited, please email