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ON 30 SEP 2022! 

We are therefore no longer accepting new members at this time - watch out for us popping up in a new space in 2023! 

Become a Makespace member to access Biomakespace

Are you interested in starting or getting involved with an interdisciplinary research project, meeting likeminded people, or finding out about engineering with biology?

Come join researchers, scientists, engineers and technologists at Biomakespace, the biology lab of Cambridge Makespace. Located in the historic Laboratory of Molecular Biology near Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, the site has three lab spaces totalling just over 50sqm where it is possible to perform wetlab experiments and a workshop area  for rapid prototyping, electronics and dry lab work.

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Membership Costs

Membership is £40 per month for access to Makespace facilities, including the Biomakespace. Minimum term is 3 months; memberships can be paused.

If the cost of membership is prohibitive due to your financial situation, please contact

Access to the labs at Biomakespace

Click the green 'More info' button above for detailed information on the Makespace membership process and how to book your sessions. 

Some key points you may wish to be aware of:

1. You must attend a Makespace 'See the Space' tour and Membership Induction at Mill Lane. We also strongly recommend that you attend a Biomakespace 'See the Space' tour at the Addenbrookes site before the induction, unless you are absolutely sure that we can accommodate your project needs (please ask us by email at a minimum).

2. If you want access to the Biomakespace MakerLab only (dry lab), please take the Makespace online equipment training “Biomakespace Safety Training Part I” and pass the quiz with 100% pass rate.

You then may attend events, fully supervised workshops and access the MakerLab at Biomakespace.  You may also need to complete additional training if you are using certain items of equipment in the MakerLab so that you can effectively and safely use these items (e.g. 3D printing, soldering, etc.)

3. If you want access to the Biomakepace biolabs (wet labs), you must access the Makespace online equipment training and pass with 100%:

·       Biomakespace Safety Training Part I

·       Biomakespace Safety Training Part II

·       Autoclave Training

4. Then, you can book a practical in-person safety assessment to test your knowledge of safety procedures, waste management, safe use of autoclave (optionally also of the microbiological safety cabinet.

When you pass this assessment, you can receive your access card and attend the biolabs. 

5. If you want to start working on a specific project – you must submit a project proposal with all required safety documents to the BioMakespace safety officers for approval, via More info in the Projects section of the website