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Are you interested in getting involved in an interdisciplinary research project, meeting likeminded people, or finding out about engineering with biology?

Come join researchers, scientists, engineers and technologists at the Cambridge Biomakespace. Located in the historic Laboratory of Molecular Biology near Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, the site has three lab spaces totalling just over 50sqm where it is possible to perform wetlab experiments and a workshop area (coming soon) for rapid prototyping, electronics and dry lab work.

Created by a dedicated team of around 30 volunteers working together, Biomakespace is also now run by volunteers as a not-for-profit organisation to further biology and engineering research and education.

Join Biomakespace - apply now!

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to three lab spaces following induction and safety training.
  • Free access to equipment following appropriate training.
  • A great social community with a passion for biology and enthusiasm for collaborating on interesting projects.
  • Opportunity to propose projects to run in the space.
  • Project support and development, with excellent links to other networks in Cambridge and potential sources of funding.
  • Free or reduced-cost training courses in biology, engineering, bioinformatics and more
  • Your chance to have an influence on lab development, equipment purchases and community projects
  • Eligibility to stand for organisational positions and serve on key committees

Membership Costs

Membership is via monthly direct debit on a pay-what-you-can basis - we encourage contributions at the level you think is appropriate given your use of the space and how strongly you want to support our activities. There are minimum contributions laid out below.

To help us set up the lab, we strongly encourage members to consider paying for annual membership in advance - please let us know if you are willing to take this option!

Standard Minimum Membership


Student Minimum Membership





If the cost of membership is prohibitive due to your financial situation, please contact us on

Are you a company or primarily interested to use Biomakespace for commercial work?

If you have not yet formed a company or you have formed a company but you are unfunded or not generating revenue and have no employees, you are welcome to sign up for individual membership and pay what you can. We recommend a minimum of £50 per month if you intend to actively use the labs for a project and we ask that you inform us when your situation changes and you're able to transition to a corporate membership.

If you are a funded or revenue-generating company with employees, you will need to sign up for our corporate membership. This is £200 per month for two members plus £50 for any additional members. Please contact for more information.

If you would also like to support us, please consider making a donation or volunteering with the team.

Becoming a Member

There are three initial steps to becoming a member of Biomakespace and they can be performed in any order:

  • Come and see the space at a 'See the Biomakespace' meeting or at our weekly meetups. View the events calendar for upcoming meetings!
  • Meet a Biomakespace committee member for a chat to hear more about Biomakespace and to find out how we can enable you to pursue your interests. You can come along to an event or email us on
  • Fill in an application form (linked from button below)


Join Biomakespace - apply now!


Membership Flowchart

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What happens after you’ve been accepted as a member

  • Set up your membership fees - you’ll be sent a link to set up a Direct Debit with GoCardless.

  • Fill out and sign a membership agreement and additional information form (including any medical or emergency details we should know about).

  • Safety first – you will need to complete an induction and safety training.

  • When you’ve completed the induction and safety training, you will receive an access card. You can now attend all our events, workshops and training as well as having the opportunity to join an approved project or submit your own.

Starting a project in the space

If you have a specific project in mind, we encourage you to talk to people at the space to find collaborators, get advice, work out if you can get all the resources you need.

Once you're ready, fill out the project proposal form (coming soon) and the Biomakespace Committee and Safety Officers will review it to make sure the project is safe and if space is limited, that it fits with our priorities and the resources available.

There may be several iterations of planning depending on the complexity of the project and we'll try to help as much as we can with connections, finding funding, mentors, training and other aspects.

Once your proposed project has been approved and you've responded to any feedback and recommendations, you’re good to go. 

Cancellation and changes

There is a minimum of one month’s membership and your subscription is renewed from month to month.

To cancel your membership or to change contact/personal details, please email If you need to change or cancel your payment details (e.g. card details, address, e-mail etc) you can do so directly through GoCardless. 

We will terminate your membership on the date you request and cancel your card access. No refunds will be issued for part months or payments already made.

If you fail to make a payment we will attempt to contact you to ascertain if you wish to cancel or there has been a technical issue. Your access card will be cancelled within two weeks if we don't get a response.


If you have any feedback or concerns about the service you receive from Biomakespace Limited, or about anything you have seen in the space, please e-mail the most appropriate of the following addresses: (whole committee), (for safety and behaviour issues), (Directors only).