ScobySeq is an early-stage community group looking to explore food microbiology through cutting-edge sequencing technology.

Did you know you don’t need baker’s yeast from the shop to bake your own bread? The air around us and the flour with which we bake are full of yeast spores and it takes only a little bit of work to make an environment for these yeasts to establish themselves and form a sourdough starter. Making breads with sourdough takes time and effort, but is worth it, in terms of taste, benefits for digestion, etc.

The initial plan is to do a multiplex assay on a Oxford Nanopore MinION to identify bacterial and yeast species. There is a kit from Oxford Nanopore to do sequencing of the 16S gene in bacteria, which will allow for identification of bacteria up to genus level.

If you're interested in joining this group, please contact for more information.