Interested in starting a new project?

How to propose a project

  1. Speak to other Biomakespace members and the committee (at meetings, via chat or email).
  2. Complete a Project Proposal Form and relevant Risk Assessment, COSHH, and GM forms.
  3. Email your project application to
  4. The Safety Team will take a look and get back to you with any changes. This should take no more than two weeks, but may take longer at particularly busy times & for complex proposals (feel free to ask for an time estimate in advance if needed.)
  5. Once the proposal is finalised, you will electronically sign the proposal form and risk assessment.
  6. The Safety Team will advise any training that might be required (online and in person) before you begin work and any restrictions e.g. procedures that are not suitable for lone working. The Committee can help find collaborators if you need help and guidance, they can also help advertise meetups for your project to the Biomakespace members. 
  7. The project begins!

Projects in the Biomakespace

Biomakespace provides a community and space for people to work on interdisciplinary projects at the interface of biology and engineering. Please get involved with any projects that interest you and propose your own! Email for more information on current projects & desired skills.

Corporate Projects

The following companies are undertaking research projects in Biomakespace, along with early-stage startups and entrepreneurial individuals who are working on proof of concept experiments.