Biomakespace have teamed up with PuntSeq to offer citizen scientists the opportunity to be part of an ongoing water quality exploration project. In the process, participants will learn about cutting-edge DNA sequencing techniques and how we apply them to real-world environmental questions.


PuntSeq are a local Cambridge organisation that monitor the water quality of the River Cam. Through the use of a portable real-time DNA analyser (Oxford's Nanopore's MinION), the project tracks bacterial communities at nine different spots along the river within, upstream and downstream of Cambridge. 


In our two workshops, up to 18 participants will be able to join in with field sampling, followed by a participatory demonstration of DNA extraction and sequencing at Biomakespace. In a second session, the extracted DNA will be amplified and prepared for sequencing. The results and species identifications will be analysed and publicly presented by the PuntSeq team. During the day, there will also be presentations on the bioinformatics methods used and how MinION sequencing can be applied to other interesting research problems.


If you want to take part in this innovative experiment, there are a few remaining places available, at a cost of £48 per participant.

Please fill out this application form ( by Wednesday 24th July, and confirm that you can attend both workshops, on Sunday 28th July and 11th August... 


For full organisational details, such as locations and timings, please visit the event on Meetup:


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