We are launching Tuesday night meetings (19:00-21:00) starting next week. Everyone has been working really hard to get the space off the ground at the Thursday night meetings but as these become increasingly operational we've realised that a) they're not the best meeting to introduce newcomers to the space b) it'd be nice to have a meeting where we can focus solely on enjoying ourselves with planning for fun projects, sharing skills and having talks.

Sign up for future Tuesday meetings on the Cambridge Synthetic Biology Meetup group.

On Tuesday 9 May (RSVP) we'll be taking a look as a group at:
Khalil, Ahmad S., and James J. Collins. "Synthetic biology: applications come of age." Nature Reviews Genetics 11, no. 5 (2010): 367-379.

We also unpacked the science themed card game Lab Wars, but didn't get around to playing so if anyone is up for climbing to the pinnacle of academic research against such barriers as defrosting freezers, cheating colleagues and lab sabotage then do come along!

Ideas discussed for future Tuesdays and general things to do included:

  • Talk on personal genome data sharing
  • Talk on metabolic engineering in tomatoes
  • Intro to electrophysiology (with live demos) - @rogermason
  • Talk on connectomics in the fly brain (with live contribution to citizen science project) - Kimberly Meechan
  • Intro to Git and version control for non-coders - Mareq
  • Day trips out
  • Biomakespace podcast (people around the table said they'd struggled to find good podcasts and content about biology and biological engineering - maybe others have recommendations?)
  • DNA workshops for families, adults doing distance learning and entry to higher education courses

Please tell us what you would like to see happening in these meetings and even better what you might be willing to talk about, share or organise. 

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Note: We are also starting to formalise the membership agreement so you can apply to be an official member of the space soon. In the meantime, please support us to get things up and running. Anyone donating over £50 can use their donation as credit towards membership fees if they do go on to become a full member.

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