You can find the Biomakers at three events during the Science Festival

Come and say hi, find out about our projects and how to become a member of Biomakespace.


Hacking biology through time and space

15 March 2017, 18:00-19:00

Large Lecture Theatre, Department of Plant Sciences

Join the Cambridge Biomakespace team and historian of science Dr Helen Anne Curry on a whirlwind global tour of biological engineering, from amateur efforts to use tools for genetic manipulation fresh from the early 20th century laboratory to through to current activities with do-it-yourself biologists, biohackers and citizen scientists across the world. Our voyage of discovery will deposit us back in Cambridge will deposit us back in Cambridge to explore the Biomakespace, a new community laboratory on the Biomedical Campus, which enables people curious about engineering biology to collaborate and learn together.


To find out more about biological engineering, here’s an introductory video 



Biomakespace: engineering biology together

18  March 2017, 10:00-16:00

Plant and Life Sciences Marquee (Exhibition)

Biology is technology and DIY approaches and low-cost lab equipment are making it more accessible than ever. Play with 3D-printed and DIY-electronics labware with Biomakespace and the Synthetic Biology SRI Science Makers team.


Meet the Biomakers

Sunday 26 March 2016, 10:00-16:00



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Biomakespace is a new community laboratory for Cambridge, enabling people with a curiosity for engineering with biology to collaborate and learn together. Biomakespace members will run tours of the space and introduce their projects on the hour (first tour at 11:00 and last at 15:00). Whether you’re interested in building sensors with DNA, printing cells, building microscopes or more, get inspired with the biomakers.

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