The new OpenPlant Biomaker challenge
offers up to £3000 for open, interdisciplinary projects.
Applications open now!

Find more information below about this fantastic opportunity 
from the Biomaker Challenge Team.

Biomakespace is pleased to be able to offer support, facilities and community for Biomaker Challenge Teams. If you'd be interested to apply and need help finding collaborators, attend the mixer event on Thu 25 April.

The Biomakespace Committee is also very happy to help make connections, contact us on for more information on how Biomakespace could support your idea or team and how you can support Biomakespace to provide a space for engineering with biology, together.
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OpenPlant Fund and Biomaker Challenge are joining forces for this year's seed-funding challenge. The five-month programme provides opportunities to work with an interdisciplinary team to identify and solve lab or field challenges, learn to use code-free programming for hardware and user interface development, develop biological applications, scientific instruments and real-world tools, or develop new ideas.

Past Biomaker Challenge participants are welcome to apply with a new proposal or expand upon a previous project! Whether you're a biologist, engineer, artist, designer, or are just curious to know more, we're keen to hear from you. 

Hardware Track: In the hardware track, we’re looking for frugal, open source and DIY approaches to biological experiments - from colorimeters to microfluidics and beyond. 

Non-Hardware Track: Alternatively, we are keen to support original ideas that don’t involve hardware development - such as development of a new synthetic biology tool or resource, or social science, capacity-building, design or outreach activity. We will fund individuals or groups, but want projects to support interdisciplinary activities and sharing.



  • Call opens: Monday 8 April 2019
  • Mixer event at Panton Arms, Cambridge: Thursday 25 April RSVP via Meetup >>
  • (Transport Norwich – Cambridge can be provided)
  • Call closes: Monday 13 May 2019
  • Challenge begins: Friday 24 May 2019
  • Progress reports and presentations: Monday 29 July 2019 (OpenPlant Forum)  
  • Challenge closes/Open Technology Workshop: Saturday 26 October 2019
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