Jenny Molloy

Director (Governance and Strategy) 

Dr Jenny Molloy is a co-founder and director of Biomakespace, and Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow, with many years experience in Open Science and Community Building. She has a PhD in molecular biology and previously worked as a founding director for ContentMine, a non-profit enabling everyone to perform research using content mining techniques.

Director (Safety and Lab Management)

Roger Mason

Director (Fundraising and Partnerships)

Dr Katia Smith-Litière is a director of Biomakespace. At the University of Cambridge, Katia develops and manages postdocs 2 innovators (p2i), a partnership between Higher Education Institutes and enterprises to develop entrepreneurial mindset and skills in postdoctoral researchers. Previously, Co-founder of the Cambridge Science Centre, an educational charity aimed at highlighting the relevance of STEM subjects to our every day lives through hands-on exhibits, events and outreach programmes.

Committee & Volunteers


Biomakespace Advisory Board

Prof Jim Haseloff

Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge

Dr Jim Ajioka

Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge

Nicola Buckley

Centre for science and policy, University of Cambridge

Dr Ward Hills

OpenIO Labs and makespace ltd

Dr Jonathan Millner

 Abcam plc and meltwind ltd

Stewart McTavish

ideaspace, University of cambridge