Do I have to be a University member to use the space?

No - Biomakespace will be open to all for membership following an application procedure and appropriate training. Our membership plans are still being finalised at the moment - watch this space for more details.

Will you offer cell culture facilities?

We have a Class II microbiological safety cabinet so cell culture will be possible if enough people are interested to set that up. Due to space constraints and safety, this would only include well-established cell lines and not primary cell culture. We are assessing possibilities and confirmed guidance will follow. If you'd like to join the discussion, get in touch.

I'm a startup/company - can I use the space to develop my thing?

We will make no claims over any intellectual property (IP) developed in Biomakespace, but we do require you to be transparent about any activities undertaken in the space.

You will need to submit a description that is detailed enough to allow a biosafety and risk assessment to the Biomakespace committee. In addition, we will not require any of our members to sign non-disclosure agreements. We cannot restrict anyone who observes your activities in the space from freely using any information learned. We can undertake not to publicise any record of your activities through our official Biomakespace communications channels without obtaining your written permission in advance - however, we cannot take responsibility for the actions of our individual members.

We want to foster an open and collaborative community and we see this primarily as a early protoyping, research and education space. Therefore, this environment is less suited to production work or later-stage R&D. We will not act as an incubator or commercial lab but hopefully will provide a fun space where people can do cool and interesting things with biology and engineering and learn from each other.

If that works for you then you’d be more than welcome to get involved!



What is Synthetic Biology?

We have a page to answer that question!