Using Biomakespace During COVID-19

Who can come to Biomakespace?

Access is open to members only who either have lab projects on-going or who are volunteering for the space e.g. members of the committee who need to work to keep the space clean and operational.

All visitors must be approved by at least one Director, email or discuss on chat explaining the reason for the visit. 

No events, meetings or inductions are being held at Biomakespace until further notice.

You can come to Biomakespace - what next?

If you plan to enter Biomakespace whether to work or to drop something off or for any other reason, you must:

  1. Read the COVID-19 risk assessment 
  2. Fill in this form to acknowledge and confirm that you have read the risk assessment and will comply with all the safety actions listed
  3. Book lab space (see instructions here and below) 
  4. Arrive at the space and follow all safety precautions in our risk assessment and detailed below.

Booking Space


We are operating occupancy limits to enable social distancing so please book you spot in advance on Bookit [login link | registration link would have been sent to you after your safety induction].

  • Main Lab max 3 persons
  • Middle Lab max 1 person
  • Dry Lab max 1 person

If your plans change, please don’t forget to cancel your reservation so that other members could use the space.

Summary of how to behave in the space - you must read the COVID-19 risk assessment for full details

Checking in

  • We strongly recommend that you download the NHS COVID-19 app and scan into the space using the QR code on the door.


  • You must wear a mask at all times in the labs and communal areas. This must cover BOTH nose and mouth. Find more information on correct mask wearing in the COVID-19 risk assessment 
  • Label a lab coat and safety glasses with your name to avoid reuse by others. Spare lab coats are in the cupboard to the left of the door in the main lab; safety glasses are in holders by the door in each lab

Hand Washing

  • Follow NHS/Public Health England/WHO advice regarding hygiene, make sure to wash hands frequently following the guidance posted in the labs. Especially, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds or use the hand sanitizer provided in each laboratory whenever entering or before leaving each of the three laboratories


  • Wipe down all surfaces and equipment you come into contact with using 1% Chemgene before and after use. Spray bottles and wipes are provided in each lab. We do not have cleaners so this is your responsibility to keep yourselves and others safe.
  • Wash surfaces frequently throughout the day, particularly door handles and other surfaces that will be touched frequently.
  • Using plastic wipeable (70 % ethanol) wallets for Biomakespace access cards, together with lanyards – small stock of each on the bench in B100. It is recommended that access cards are held in close proximity to the readers, but NOT touching them

Social Distancing

  • Observe social distancing guidelines (try to stay 2 metres away from each other)
  • Adopting the use of ‘fixed teams or partnering’ (e.g. Biomakespace project teams and company teams) with intergroup contact minimized by using the electronic booking system.
  • Direct interactions within the Clifford Allbutt Building with members of other laboratories, research groups and members of support staff should be kept to a minimum.
  • Keeping laboratory activity time as short as possible
  • Temporary avoidance of ‘long-term’ experiments 
  • Using back-to-back or side-to-side working rather than face-to-face, especially if using the central spur bench
  • Ensuring steps are taken to avoid people needing to unduly raise their voices to each other. This includes, but is not limited to playing loud music or broadcasts that may encourage shouting


  • Ventilation into the three Biomakespace laboratories will be optimized to mitigate the transmission risk of COVID-19. The individual ventilation controls will be set to and remain at maximum, and unobstructed air flow through the intumescent input grills for each room will be ensured. Do not switch off the ventilation or adjust the settings.

Illness and attending the space

You MUST NOT come to Biomakespace if you feel unwell and have a cough/fever or any Covid-19 symptoms (however minor).

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have recently been at Biomakespace in addition to following track and trace guidelines, please let us know via so we can arrange further cleaning of the lab and inform those who used the space around the same time.

Lone Working Policy

In addition to our standard lone working policy (inc notifying someone of your arrival and departure, keeping a phone close by for emergency calls) if we move to an enhanced lone working policy, you must also notify the Lab Channel of your arrival and departure.

Emails and chat notifications will be sent to notify of any changes to the lone working policy.

Changes and Updates

Biomakespace is closely following any changes to University and Government guidance and will let you know about any updates as soon as we do.

Stay safe and if you have any questions or concerns (regarding anything including equipment failures, safety issues, security etc) please raise them on chat or via