About the Biomakespace

Why Biomakespace?

We are a group of researchers, scientists, engineers, technologists and curious minds who are partnering through the University of Cambridge Synthetic Biology Strategic Research Initiative (SynBio SRI) alongside other supporters from the local area to develop ‘Biomakespace’: an innovation space for biology and biological engineering. This effort builds on the success of Cambridge Makespace, a popular community workshop that caters for over 250 members, making engineering and manufacturing technologies accessible to a wide spectrum of innovators and enthusiasts to develop projects and ideas in an informal setting. Biomakespace will complement this existing provision in the city with space for experimental biology and fabrication tools focused on scientific applications. The space aims to:

  • Bring together biologists, engineers, technologists and others for meeting and co-working in an informal and extra-institutional setting.
  • Support new and existing interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Raise awareness of and skills for synthetic biology, one of the UK’s ‘eight great technologies’.
  • Build a cross-disciplinary and cross-sector community for synthetic biology in the city, with a focus on open technology and innovation.
  • Provide activities such as training and skills sharing sessions, networking events and foster links with innovation and seed funding schemes and local bioincubator spaces and accelerator programmes.

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The Space

The Biomakespace is located in 'Bay 13' of the old Laboratory of Molecular Biology near Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. We have three lab spaces totalling just over 50sqm and are sourcing further workshop space for rapid prototyping, electronics and drylab work. Bay 13 has been refurbished by the University of Cambridge with additional funding from the local enterprise partnership to house Ideaspace, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPdA) and a range of organisations interested in biomedical and biological innovation.



Photos of the Biomakespace