• Cambridge's Community BioLab

    Cambridge's Community BioLab

    A place for citizen scientists, entrepreneurs, makers and professionals to explore and create with cutting-edge biotechnologies. 

  • Bringing making and biology together

    Bringing making and biology together

    Biological experimentation is intertwined with instrumentation and engineering. Biomakespace provides a space both for wet-lab biology research and open hardware prototyping and exploring.

  • Training and skill-sharing

    Training and skill-sharing

    Biomakespace provides training and new experiences for a broad range of people, including biologists, technologists, artists, students of all ages, members of the general public, and makers!

  • A historically important home

    A historically important home

    Biomakespace is housed in the old Laboratory of Molecular Biology site, which has seen groundbreaking scientific discoveries and was at the forefront of technological advances such as nucleic acid sequencing, protein and antibody engineering and the invention of the scanning confocal microscope.

    Image credit: Jynto on Wikimedia Commons, released as Public Domain.
  • A creative space for prototyping and design

    A creative space for prototyping and design

    We use creative design thinking and low-cost prototyping to test new ideas (like microfluidics with paper and sellotape!)

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Bringing together bio and tech will strengthen cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange and collaboration in Cambridge
The Community Biology Biosafety Handbook is an open manual that offers biosafety protocols, practices, and recommendations aimed specifically for the community biology movement.
We are seeking a new part-time Lab Manager to support our volunteers and members in keeping our laboratory and workshop safe, functioning and efficient. The role involves 4-8 hours work per week, averaging 28 hours per month. Deadline 28 Feb 2020.

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